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event Description & Inspiration

Gabrielle is creating a series of Mediterranean PopUp dining events to showcase the traditional flavors and foods she encountered abroad.  Events are being held at unique locations around Philadelphia to engage the community at large.  


Lebanon is a country with a rich cultural history, and centuries of strife and war, where the air of instability guides a fast-paced lifestyle.  The traditional foods are valued for remaining constant within a culture of insecurity.  Age-old cooking techniques and flavors are worked by women from passed-down recipes, each item a true labor of love. When it comes to eating, differences are put aside, everything slows down, and a communal atmosphere naturally develops around the meal.  After spending time in the homes and kitchens of women from all over Lebanon, I have created a series to share this unique cuisine and reflect a food-culture that celebrates meal-time and its ability to bring people together.