Gabrielle is passionate about the intersection of food, shared-experience, and nutrition.  The origin, quality and seasonality of the ingredients are essential to her methodology.  She aims to prepare food in ways that are not only delicious but highlight each ingredient for its unique qualities.  She is driven to connect with people directly in an intimate setting through her At-Home, Catering, and Pop-Up offerings.  Her style is a mix of home-cooking, experimentation, and ethnic flare, presented to encourage you to experience food in new ways.  Gabrielle enjoys preparing food that is flavorful and approachable, and creating meals that transport you, through sensation, surprise, and memory.

work experience

Gabrielle attended the Natural Gourmet Institute for their holistic approach to cooking.  There she learned to cook for people with dietary restrictions and transform culinary techniques into health-supportive recipes and menus.  She worked on the line at Blue Hill under Dan Barber in NYC, in order to experience the highest level of farm to table food preparation and presentation.  Later Gabrielle facilitated the opening of Pietro Nolita, where she was the Sous-Chef, delving into the nuances of Sardinian-Italian cuisine.  Most recently she lived in Lebanon investigating her heritage through cooking with women from various regions of the country at Tawlet, Beirut.